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We connect with people and share the Gospel by proclaiming the truth of Scripture with our lives bearing witness to God’s grace. We strive to communicate the beauty and necessity of Jesus Christ through local missions, believing that it is God who accomplishes the impossible: the salvation of His people.


R  E  V  O  L  V  E



We preach and teach the Word of God boldly, and have it shape the life and nature of PG Ministries to be a God-honoring, Christ-exalting, Spirit-leading and people-loving community. Our ministries adhere to a Gospel-centered philosophy, and as a local body, we pursue to see all of life through a God-centered and God-glorifying worldview.


R  E  F  L  E  C  T



We embrace and love people from all experiences of life. We enjoy diversity, knowing that each person has their unique story to share and own gift to bring. As a group, we serve our community through charitable events. And as a family, we grow in the Lord through discipleship and fellowship.

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We put a lot of time and positive energy into our Minitsry; it’s platform; and our people. We do it with the generous donations from people like yourself. As always Thank You!

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